Daily dose of emotional crap: Here's to all them STC haters


I’ve been seeing a lot of hate tweets and posts about my school. I just thought of dedicating one post to these haters, and also to my school before I leave.

Here’s to all those people who call Theresians hillbillies, sluts, whores, cunts, bitches, incompetent and a whole lot more. Let me show…


”We are brothers”

So today i was really bored, i decided to make another labels for my notebooks and books for this school year! (it’s also my senior year already, i’m already old)
YEAH, It’s Jesse McCartney!! ♥ 


Shäbëënä Khän | via Facebook on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/59319392/via/valeria_ceballos20
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